Design has no Moore's Law

Design is both superficial and substantive at the same time. You have these crossing of moments that makes design hard to make happen and also hard to understand, but when it clicks it feels really good.
— John Maeda

John Maeda, the Former President of Rhode Island School of Design, gave a great talk last November at Gigaom's Roadmap 2013 about how the technology era of "more = better" is on the decline as hardware no longer limits what people want to do with their technology. Maeda argues that people are shifting from faster, bigger, brighter and gravitating towards the simple and intuitive. Good deign means "less = more." As business and designers try to meet the needs of their users and customers they must realize that many of the needs to be filed are not going to be solved by "more," rather success will come to those providing less. Less frustration, fewer decisions, less work. The benefits of better technology are now being outweighed by better design. And unlike in technology, there is no Moore's law dictating that design will be twice as good in 18 months. Without careful planning there is no guarantee that tomorrow's design will be better than today's.

Think of technology as a verb not a noun. It provides the tools, creative people provide the imagination.
— Red Burns