Sometimes Our Work Wins Awards

At Bovitz Inc., we are driven to disrupt the status quo by delivering insights that can be experienced and interacted with, not just consumed.

In short, we are obsessed with making our work a two-way street – first, there’s learning and discovery and then secondly, there’s collaboration and ideation. Traditionally, research has been a static experience; you just read what’s on the page. That’s a one-way street. At best, it’s presented to you – someone else telling you what you should know.

What’s missing is an experience. What’s missing is being brought in to feel what your audience feels. What’s missing is being able to explore the data, being able to uncover and discover all sides of an issue for yourself and dialogue about it with your colleagues. You should be enticed to immerse yourself as if you are part of a team of archaeologists, gently yet meticulously exploring a new site for the treasure and knowledge buried beneath. Exploring and interacting is a two-way street, a give and take so to speak. We are in the business of designing two-way streets.

And so we offer a brief example. We recently created a website to bring to life target audiences for a client. This website helps target audiences become personal, real, and meaningful. Moreover, it’s a tool for discovery and interaction. Among the unique features of the site is a collaborative workspace where users can share data, imagery, video, and ideas on a secure, private section of the site. There’s also an array of storytelling tools to humanize our client’s target audiences, including infographics, curated data points, video from qualitative work, a data portal, blog entries, and more.

In addition to the many experiential benefits of creating a website as a deliverable, functionally, this website:

  •  Is a centerpiece for external thought leadership and marketing
  • Provides the ability to pull up data, storylines, videos, documents, imagery, articles, etc. while on-the-go or in meetings
  • Is a forum to contribute and ideate on issues
  • Offers easy to access, secure library of all things related to the project 

We love pushing the boundaries of our industry and are very excited to be recognized for this effort with the recent 2014 Data Insight Visualization Award (DIVA) at the Insight Innovation eXchange (IIeX). We are proud and humbled to be included among so many great thought leaders and fellow change agents. We hope this award provides encouragement for all researchers to create experiential stories that stimulate discovery, interaction, and ideation.