Summer Re-Fresh

Ah, summer. For most of us, this stretch of the year means time off, fun trips, connecting with loved ones, and a more relaxed work environment. It’s wonderful, isn’t it? The downside of all this, unfortunately, is that summer can also bring doldrums into the office. Apathy. Cutting corners. Putting things off.

Well, we want to change all that. We believe summer can be a gift to your worklife. A time to reflect, to re-focus, and even to re-invent. Here are five tips to help take back the summertime blues.

  • See design in everything. The marketplace, what you are reading and watching, the places you visit, the people you talk to. Design challenges certainly reside in your strategic business plan, but can you use this time of year to be inspired by what you see and hear outside of the office?
  • Embrace your failure. What resolutions have fallen by the wayside? What’s been too low on your to-do list to ever get to? Are you battling the tyranny of the urgent? We say be cool with all this. Embrace it; don’t cringe at it. Use this moment to reflect, seek out feedback and critique, and plan your next move.

  • Hate the status quo. What’s not working well or sub-optimally, either for you personally or your organization? What things do you do “just because?” This more relaxed time of year allows you to tinker. Pick one thing you do regularly and do it totally differently, as someone with a different expertise would do it. How would a graphic designer create this brief? How would a teacher run this meeting?

  • Care about solving people’s problems. Others’ problems are always easier to solve than your own. Seek out a colleague, grab a coffee with them, and have a heart-to-heart. You’ll be better for it and chances are, you’ll think differently about something you’re facing. 

  • What would MacGyver do? Summer is still filled with deadlines, to-do lists, and problems to solve. What needs-finding work needs to be done to address these issues? How can you collaborate with others better? What new skills/tools can you learn? What if you went to summer school to acquire a new skill? Can you become a jack of all trades?

We love summer. But, what gets lost in the sunshine and road trips is opportunity, the opportunity to sharpen yourself and your organization. We encourage you to relax AND re-focus. Enjoy!