Programming For Non-Programmers Workshop

  • LA - General Assemby 1520 2nd St Santa Monica, CA, 90401 United States

PRICE: $35

About This Workshop

Are you a creative or entrepreneur that wishes you could speak tech with your web development team? Maybe you wish you could code a bit yourself? In this workshop we'll tackle some development principles to get you on the right path. We'll look at questions like, "Front-end vs. Back-end?", "What is this Javascript function thingy, and why am I passing it strange math equations to it?"

If you're running a tech start-up, it's essential that you familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of web development. Ultimately knowing how to "talk to the talk" will help you communicate better with developers, and overall just look really cool. Come with questions, and a desire to have fun! No prior development knowledge required.


  • What is programming?
  • The different coding languages and how they fit
  • Back end vs Front end
  • Overview of HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Overview of databases and key coding languages- PHP, Ruby, Java, .Net

The Front End

  • Introduction to HTMLThe lifecycle of a web request
  • Browser de-bugging
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Introduction to CSS
  • Javascript fundamentals
  • How to get help with frameworks- JQuery & Bootstrap
  • The class will go through the exercise of creating a full working web page

The Back End

  • Database fundamentals
  • SQL the database language
  • Server side code
  • The anatomy of a web server
  • Understanding architecture and why its important
  • Model, View, Controller: the basis of all frameworks
  • Server side frameworksThe class will go through the exercise of creating a database table and storing some data