Public Speaking and The Three C's: Confidence, Creativity, & Comedy

  • NYC - General Assembly 10 East 21st Street, 4th Floor New York, NY 10010 USA

PRICE: $45

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, CEO, teacher, or anyone whose job or desired job requires speaking in front of others, this class will help you gain the confidence, presence, and charisma to help you connect with your audience. You’ll learn how to reinterpret text, think creatively, and create memorable out-of-the-box presentations while having a great time in the process. Plus, you’ll learn how to keep content fresh during repeat uses.


  • Receive take-home list of tips and tricks to enhance presentation skills.
  • Receive feedback in the form of 3-5 personal priorities during class.
  • Perform short, polished performance of text in an unconventional way.