From Wearables to Shareables: Creating Consumer Connections

  • NYC - Baruch College 55 Lexington Ave New York, NY, 10010 United States


Presented by Ready Set Rocket, Interbrand and Baruch College Innovation Hub

Real-life connections are occurring in real time and simple interactions are starting to greatly impacted our ever-evolving digital space. As brands tap into shared data to influence the ways they reach consumers and with the advent of wearable technology, these connections are now oftentimes augmented. In the second panel of our innovation speaker series, Ready Set Rocket, Interbrand and Baruch College will discuss and futurecast the ways brands can glean valuable information by adopting groundbreaking technology, and how to better understand and deepen relationships with consumers and today’s top trailblazers.

Panel 1: Measuring Consumer Emotional Responses (Happiness) Through Wearables  

Does real-time mean real experiences? In a culture of reciprocity, the brands that cut through the noise in a trustworthy way will win. More than ever before, brands are engaging and interacting with consumers 24/7 in extremely personal ways. On top of that, biometric technology allows brands to measure affective reactions and create experiences that capitalize on emotional peaks. 

In this panel we will discuss:

The differences between a digital consumer and a real-time consumer. How interactions with consumers change when technology can be worn instead of carried.The ways brands can tap into consumer affect and map user emotions through wearable technology.The dichotomy of beautiful vs. invisible. Do wearables need to look good first to become adopted among a mass audience?

Panel 2: Creating Consumer Connections with Technology and Shared Data

Brands are closer to their consumers than ever before. Brands know a lot about consumers’ digital lives, their daily schedules, shopping habits, major life milestones and even relationship statuses. With newer tools, companies are able to parse content created by consumers and match sentiments and behavior pertaining to their brands and those of competitors. As brands further their online measurement of their customer, we will examine what knowledge companies can gather and how they can use it to deepen their understanding of the relationship between the brand and the consumer and drive new consumer experiences.

In this panel we will discuss (to develop further):

Availability of data (shared and otherwise) for organizations and brands to keep track of consumer’s online presence and sentiment. Analytical methods and newer technologies.Creating innovative and unique customer experiences by linking technology and human connections.How to make a technologically driven experience more humanized without crossing the line, and how to enhance human connections via technology and shared data to create seamless and natural experiences for consumers.Consumer perceptions of brands using their data.

Panel 3: Innovation Report: Brands Doing it Right. Consumer Experiences done right.

As technology is advancing, consumers and brands in the digital age are pushing each other to deliver the next big thing. In this panel we will observe some of today's top trailblazers who are taking, breaking and making the next big thing in innovation.  

In this panel we will:

Discuss different sources of consumer innovation: data, measurements, technology, new ways of interacting, value delivery channels, engagement models and more.Showcase brands that have strong internal innovation processes.Discuss the future of the consumer, their purchasing habits and trends and interactions with brands and innovation.Explore the ways innovation will impact brands so they can get ahead of trends.