Conducting Brand Research Through Social Media

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Price: $35

About This Class

Social media is a valuable (and often untapped) tool for identifying trends that shape the future of your business.

More than simply a messaging and customer service channel, it's an accessible and affordable way to gain insight into your consumers and the greater landscape of your brand. What are customers most satisfied and unsatisfied with when it comes to your product or service offering? How do you stack up against competitors?

This class will teach you key methods for conducting research in the social space and how to use these insights to move your brand and business forward.


Actionable methods for conducting research on social channelsAn overview of free and premium tools availableAn understanding of how social media activity translates into valuable customer insightsAn understanding of how these insights begin to inform marketing strategies

Prereqs & Preparation

Experience in marketing strategy, branding, or managing social media for a business is helpful but not required.