Online Course: IDEO U's Insights for Innovation


Free Online Self-Directed Course


"Learn IDEO's approach to gathering human-centered insights that fuel innovation. Our first IDEO U course is Insights for Innovation, an experience designed to help you see the world differently. Its focus is the art and science of gathering Insights—the core of IDEO's human-centered design process. Through a series of engaging videos, real-world exercises, hands-on tools, and a dynamic community, IDEO U students will learn techniques for gathering deeper insights.

Insights for Innovation is taught by Coe Leta Stafford and Jane Fulton Suri. Coe Leta is IDEO's Global Design Director for Insights—she is dedicated to keeping IDEO's design methodologies on the cutting edge. A Partner and a Chief Creative Officer, Jane created IDEO's human-centered insights process, pioneering an approach and mindset that's been adopted by countless organizations across the globe."