Market Musings

When Ashlene Nand could no longer afford to support her self-admitted nail polish addiction, she googled “rent nail polish” and uncovered a window of opportunity. With only their savings and some financial support from their friends, Nand and her business partner Liza Kindred founded Lacquerous, a nail polish subscription-based service that allows members to rent three polishes a month for a flat fee of $18.

Much like the bottles that line the shelves at your local nail salon, the “used” factor of Lacquerous’s polish shouldn’t be off-putting to potential members. As Kindred points out, “nail lacquer is one of the only things that can be shared” because of the germ-killing components that make up the polish itself.

Although there was a small amount of negative chatter in social media about the potential hygiene issues involved in sharing polish, since the launch of Lacquerous overall sentiment has been 97.5% positive. As analysis of online attitudes reveals, the opportunity to try this season’s designer shades without breaking the bank seems to be an almost universal desire of nail polish connoisseurs.

With over 2,500 people on the waiting list to access the service, it appears that Nand and Kindred tapped into a high-demand market. Considering the rarity of using up an entire bottle of nail polish, coupled with prices as high as $30 for one shade, it’s no wonder that women are raving about Lacquerous. As one tweeter stated, “Introducing Lacquerous: my new addiction.”

The launch of Lacquerous should stand as a reminder that everyday needs in your personal life can catalyze a business venture. Nand and Kindred recognized a gap in the marketplace that could easily be filled by a subscription service with relative ease and minimal cost. While the company is still just getting off the ground, manicure addicts across the nation can look forward to limited edition collections in the coming months.

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