We’ve created a culture that sees every employee as a person—not as a role or as a title, but as a whole human with a whole world outside the office. This mindset permeates every aspect of life at Bovitz, from our internal principles, to our benefits, to our extra perks (culture club, anyone?).

We’re proud to have created a team where every member brings their own unique skills, specialties and perspectives. And while our backgrounds may differ, there are a few key things we have in common: a drive to be daring, an attitude that’s all-in, and a passion to put people first.

Colleen Abel


Manoj Alipuria

Senior Qualitative Researcher

John Alston

Principal Software Engineer

Jen Belcastro

Vice President

Cara Bovitz

Vice President

Greg Bovitz

President & Founder

Jenny Bremer

Vice President

Marissa Brown

Director, Qualitative Specialist

Mike Browning

Senior Vice President

Katherine Dorosk

Research Manager

Diane Fann

Research Assistant

Mike Farkas

Senior Research Director

Lee Friedenthal

Senior Research Manager

Scott Galante

Senior Research Manager

Emmeline Hoang

Research Manager

Matt Kessler

Digital Marketing Associate

Rick Konopka

Panel Manager

Debbie Kreger

Senior Vice President

Carey Lefkowitz

Senior Vice President & Managing Director

Ethan Linder

Research Manager

Megan McFadden

Senior Research Manager

Alexandria Mudrick

Creative Director

Lindsay Pleskus

Research Manager

Maggie Shi

Research Assistant

Nikole Sideropoulos

Research Director

Connolly Smith

Senior Research Manager

Steve Swanson

Data Solutions Director

Chris Tade

Senior Research Director

Jessica Tillman

Vice President, Human Resources

Daren Werner

Office Manager

Israel Whittemore

Technology Solutions Manager