We are helping clients challenge the status quo.

FILLING THE INNOVATION PIPELINE: A global food manufacturer recently asked us to help their R&D and Marketing teams fill product pipelines for seven unexplored snack categories. Challenge accepted. Headlining our immersive process was an Innovation Clinic, whereby Bovitz strategists, client stakeholders, and expert consumers successfully worked hand-in-hand in creative experimentation. 

RESULTS: Expect to soon see some of the ideas generated on a grocery store shelf near you.

We are helping clients create seamless user experiences across complex systems.

ROADMAPPING THE FUTURE: Leadership of this electronics manufacturer had the crazy notion that one day all your devices and hardware will seamlessly talk to each other and create a unified user experience. We came along for the ride. After countless hours of TV watching, videogame playing, and talking technology with the gamut of households, the end-all, be-all product roadmap was created.

RESULTS: Our magazine deliverable became the North Star for internal initiatives, resource allocation, and acquisition strategy to achieve those lofty goals.


The extraordinary modern woman. 

CREATING MEANING & SIGNIFICANCE:  We are forever inspired by women. From the corporate powerbroker to the life-giving soccer mom, her spirit makes the world go round. Her potential is boundless. And we've found that when we dig down deep, she's less about shopping and buying or even having fun than you might think. She's about finding meaning and transcendence. And we love that about her.

RESULTS: We partner with clients not just to shape new experiences, but to shape vision. To shape hopes and dreams.

We are helping clients tell rich stories that move and inspire their audience. 

EMPATHETIC STORYTELLING: A popular music streaming service was looking to support digital advertising and create storylines for the media about their unique user community. So, we created detailed personas that brought their community to life and kick-started the buzz. What really made this work sing was how our survey went beyond the norm and honed in on identity and personal values. Metaphors, wishlists, life barriers, and laddering activities created avenues for respondents to introspect.

RESULTS: Their rich stories became easily shareable and memorable for a variety of PR and marketing activities.


Sometimes good consulting means making clients get out of their comfort zone.                

SHAPING BRAND EXTENSION: What started out as a segmentation study evolved into a brand extension into a completely new category for a client who manufactures gardening tools. Our emotive segmentation focused on why shoppers participate in this category, with the products being a symptom of a deeper need.

RESULTS: Our insights helped inform future desires and untapped spaces. We then crafted a winning positioning and execution that ensured brand cohesion and audience desire. Our client cautiously made the leap and hasn’t looked back.

We are shaping the future of retail. 

LONG-TERM PARTNERSHIPS: Since our start-up days, we've worked hand-in-hand as a strategic partner for several retail giants. Our provocative research approaches, dedicated client service, and ability to look at problems differently has led to long-term marriages, not fleeting affairs.

RESULTS: We work daily to improve these brands, helping create immersive in-store experiences, moving marketing programs, and facilitating the blending of mobile and brick-and-mortar. We objectively probe and prod to dream up mutually bright futures.